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The EPAGNEUL BRETON is a tremendous French pointing gun-dog.

It is small in size but strong and tough. It rarely exceeds 16 kg.

Its medium length coat is slightly wavy and its colours vary from orange and white to black and white, liver and white or tricolour: a mix of three of these colours.

It looks solid with a deep broad chest, ribs well rounded, short strong loin, strong bones, and lively intelligent look. It is full of stamina and learns with great easy. It is always eager to please its master.

Its gait is a short-striding gallop, brisk, strait and true, with no lateral movements of the back bone. Looking at it while at work it always conveys a sensation of strength, balance, coordination and ardour.

The standard says it must be square built. Its head must have skull and muzzle upper outlines parallel with muzzle about two thirds the length of the skull, drop hears, set high especially when it is alert.